Week 5 | Adswood – StopMotion

Week 5 | Adswood – StopMotion

Participants worked in groups to make  StopMotion animations using cuttings, poppies, drawings and writing.


As it was the final session we did a group evaluation.  Some of the comments:

It made you think

It was something we had to do.  It was good to remember the lost soldiers.

It inspired us to do family history.

It helped to remind us of nice memories.

It was sometimes depressing/very sad 

It was blue matter for the brain.

The day at Ordsall Hall was really good.  Everyone went the extra mile to make it enjoyable.

IMG_3510                                       IMG_3612

Everyone was thrilled to see their work on display at Ordsall Hall.

Poppy1 Copy

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