Do you have green fingers? Would you like to grow some beautiful poppies to enjoy in your own community or garden? Whether you’re a grow-your-own expert or a complete gardening beginner, we’d love you to join in with Poppy. Our dream is to see beautiful poppies blossoming in gardens, communities, allotments, communal spaces and in areas you wouldn’t expect to see flowers flourishing.

We’re giving away free poppy growing kits, specially packed by our team of artists and volunteers. Simply pop down to any of the libraries we’re working with (details below) to collect yours. Packets are limited to 50 packs per library so hurry before they all go!

And don’t forget to show us your pictures. Let’s see your poppies! Share by tweeting us at @tweetingpoppy



Here’s some growing instructions to help you on your way.

Stagger your seed sowing over April –July.  June is a good time to ensure flowers for Aug 4th.

  • Germination 5-15 days
  • Select a nice sunny spot for your poppies.
  • Poppies like the soil to be loose so rake it well and ensure it is weed-free.
  • Scatter seeds widely on the surface as poppies do not like being crowded.
  • Bulking your seeds out by mixing them with a teaspoon of sand or sugar makes this easier.
  • Work the seeds into the soil by raking them with a rake or hand fork.
  • They can be covered with a very fine scattering of soil if want.
  • Water the newly-planted poppy seeds carefully if the soil is dry – use a watering can with a fine rose/ sprinkle head if possible .
  • As they grow remove weeds and some of the smaller poppies if they seem over-crowded poppies (15cm between plants is good).
  • Don’t feed as they like poor soils.
  • Remove flowers as they die off.

Never forget.


You can collect your poppy growing kits from any of the following.

Withington, 410 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 3BN / Tel: 0161 227 3720

Newton HeathOld Church St, Manchester M40 2JB / Tel: 0161 234 4474

Pendleton, Pendleton Gateway. 1 Broadwalk, Salford M6 5FX / Tel: 0161 909 6538

Ordsall, Robert Hall St, Salford M5 3LT / 0161 603 4097

Offerton, Offerton Library is now located in Offerton Community Centre, Mallowdale Road, SK2 5NX

 Old Trafford Shrewsbury St, Manchester M16 9AX / Tel: 0161 912 4657

 PartingtonWellbeing Centre, Central Road, Partington, Manchester, M31 4FL / Tel: 0161 912 5450

If you cant make it to a library you can get packets here for £1.75.